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MyTAG consists of three sets of validated psychometric assessments. They are MyTAG Individual Integrity Assessment, MyTAG Personality Assessment, and MYTAG Leadership Assessment. They were constructed based on the Malaysian psychology and values.

MyTAG Individual Integrity Assessment is a self-reporting psychometric tool specially designed to measure an individual's level of integrity based on 10 traits. It consists of 56 items based on "Situational Judgement Items." The test reported a high reliability of. 91 based on Item Response Theory (IRT).

MyTAG Personality Assessment consists of 93 items measuring 12 traits. The reliability index is .95 based on Item Response Theory (IRT).

MyTAG Leadership Assessment consists of 132 items measuring 23 traits. It reported a high items reliability of .95 based on RASCH.

There is no time limit to answer these three assessments. However, the average time taken to complete each assessment is between 10 - 30 minutes only. The assessment items are randomized and the results are obtained real-time. 


Profesor Datuk Dr. Mohd Tajudin Md Ninggal is a US trained counseling psychologist,  psychometrician, and a  Licensed Professional Counsellor (Malaysian Board of Counsellors). He was the Co-Founder and Past Deputy President 1, Malaysian Psychometric Association (MPA), and currently he is the Fellow of the Malaysian Counselling Association International (PERKAMA). He has more than 23 years of experiences in the field of psychometric and is the author of the First Online Personality Assessment in Malaysia.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adibah Abdul Latif is a Psychometrician and Testing & Measurement Expert. Currently she is the Research Fellow, Science & Fiqh Technology Centre, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.


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